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First week of Technology In Education GGGE2153

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Here is my first review or reflection on the course of Technology In Education..

The class in on Friday.. First it was held in Dewan Budiman, too big for only 19 of us which remain many empty seat for sure.. Our lecturer for this course is Dr. Rosseni. I’m smile at first I saw her, here, my favourite lecture again..how much i’ve learned from her.. thanks a lot again Dr Rosseni.. =)

For our first class in this GGGE2153, we’re been introduced by Technology In Education, for what we will learn through out this course.. which also means the assignment of individual, reflection, editing pictures and the group assignment of editing video.. Dr Rosseni also talk briefly about Adobe Photoshop.. Owhhh how much I want to learn them all.. can’t wait for lecture about editing picture and making video..

Then, Dr. Rosseni also shows us a few video, actually 3 video, 2 video from our senior, both of the video are different completely, of the way they represented, the only pictures – editing pictures and make live video of daily life of people in Bukit Bintang.. both of them are amazing in editing video..

later, i hope that i can create a creative video too.. that’s need me to learn and of course learn better to be able create one of the best..

till then, can’t wait for lesson of editing picture/photos and video.. =)

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Week 14


Our last class of computer in edu for this sem.. i gonna miss this class because I have learn so many great thing about computer program – Microsoft office..

Then, the last lesson for this course is – SPSS.. SPSS is use to analyze data of research, statistics, etc… I’m already have the SPSS in my laptop, so it easier for me to learn it.. Our task is to analyze the data from questionnaire, we’ve learn how to key-in the data into SPSS.. Then, transfer all the data into table, graph, chart etc. to show the statistics…  It’s simple, easy and convenient to learn it..

Lastly, my task is completed.. I’m relieved, of course.. But most of all, I gain so much knowledge by doing all my assignment..

Thanks to Dr Rosseni and Cik Aidah to guide me, all the teslians through the computer in education.. We’ve learn a lot, it’s enjoyable for us..   Thanks you so much..! =D

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Week 13

Salam & Good Morning..

This week, as promised, we completed our Microsoft Access by adding Query and Report. Query are  for school’s fee and scout’s scholarship. And there are 2 report, for the student that unpaid the school’s fee and for the one is for scout’s scholarship…

Then, we finished learning about Microsoft Access and of course, our assignment for it is complete.. I think Microsoft Access is very useful because it’s make the teacher’s work easier, save time and save paper.. hehehe.. so all the data are stored in the computer which using Microsoft Access…

That’s it for now.. Thanks to this course that provide me to learn this…

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Week 12


today, Cik Aidah is not around.. She want us to finish the task of microsoft access before she give the next task..

so, i try to complete my task of access, access a little bit confusing that need extra understanding about this program.. At last, i manage to complete them.. thanks to my fellow friends that guide me with this program.. =)

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Week 11


for this class, we’re given a task of Microsoft Access..

We need to insert the data of a class of student. the data are about student’s personal details, school’s fee, co-curriculum’s activities  and academic performances. There are some table that we need to fill in such as “jadual peribadi pelajar”, “kokurikulum pelajar”, and “table kelas”.. we also learn how to relate each table by create the relationship of these table.

by learning this microsoft access, it is easier for teacher’s work  in the future…

thanks to Cik Aidah and my fellow friend, Kak Lin, Rozai and Syakirah that explain a lot about this program ..

thanks again… 

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Week 10

No computer class for this week, “extra Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday” for us…. 

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Week 8


for today’s class, we’re updating our blog in “page about”,  “weekly posting” that will given 10% of marks..

we also learn how to attach project by using screen copy to the weekly posting. Then, we learn about create links- to add my fellow teslians’s blog..   and to create the categories for the post..

that’s all for today.. thanks.. =)

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Week 7


For today’s  class, we learn about Microsoft Excel..  We’re given a task which is also an individual task..  The task is about to create the data of the mid-year examination result of a classroom which have 20 students. From the data, I need to analyse by using excel’s formula to sum the highest marks, the lowest marks, the average marks, median, mod and so on..  I also learnt how to make the graph base on the data..  It’s little bit complicated for the beginner like me, but once you learn how to do it, it become easier..  It’s also something worthful to learn yet it’s so much important to know about Microsoft Excel for being a teacher to be..

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Week 6


For this Week 6-7, we are given the assignment of Project 4, it is an individual project.. Our task is to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for teaching and learning of a topic in our field of study. So I need to make an interesting presentation by using Microsoft PowerPoint to make the teaching & learning process in the classroom to be more enjoyable . Because of my course is TESL, so my field is English Language, then, I decide to choose grammar-Singular and Plural Nouns to be my topic of the presentation for my Project 4.

Here is my Project 4, Singular & Plural Nouns


My review of my Project 4,

From this project 4, I have learnt more about Microsoft PowerPoint.. It’s worth to learn this.. Thanks to Dr Rosseni for giving me this task so I know more about PowerPoint.. I’m enjoying doing this task, it’s fun and interesting.. Thanks again.. =)

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